South Lake Tahoe Vacation & Corporate Rentals

South Lake Tahoe is a prime destination nestled in the Sierra Mountains located 2 hours from Sacramento. Along with the lake being the second deepest lake in the United States, the lake offers wonderful water activities with gorgeous beaches.

The summer time is perfect for white water rafting in the American River at the famous spots of South Fork, Middle Fork and North Fork. Near the lake in a mountain meadow is a pristine nine-hole golf course called Bijou Municipal Golf Course. For a more unique experience, a traveler can take a hot air balloon over the lake!

And during the winter, the lake offers prestige skiing and snowboarding resorts in the Sierra Mountains. There are an abundant amount of easy, medium and advanced slopes to accommodate any rider’s level. There are also opportunities to dog sled, ice skate and ride a snowmobile!! Don’t forget to top off your vacation with a traditional horse drawn sled to make it an unforgettable experience. Breathtaking forests, North American wild life, and endless opportunities of escapades all surround South Lake Tahoe.

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