Malibu Vacation & Corporate Rentals

Malibu is beautifully located off the cliffs of the Santa Monica Mountains that drop down to approximately 20 gorgeous miles of ocean. Malibu has beautiful environments of canyons, coves, mountains and beaches that makes this vacation a unique Los Angeles experience. It has been an exclusive area for actors to get away from the bustling Hollywood scene.

Malibu has pristine free and fee based public beaches that are always populated with surfers, sunbathers and volleyball players. The public and private beaches are picturesque lined with rocky bluffs. The sunsets are unbelievable!! The beach homes are typically gated and have all have a view of the Pacific Ocean.

In the canyons, there is ample horseback riding, wine tasting, hiking, and golfing adventures. The canyons are not as populated, so the gorgeous homes give ample privacy. This city is perfect if you want exclusiveness and privacy but is very close to Los Angeles.

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